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SBLP Certified

Taza is a small bean-to-bar chocolate maker, and the only producer in the US of 100% stone ground, organic chocolate. They roast, winnow, grind, temper, and mold our chocolate in house and by hand. Taza uses exclusively organic and sustainable ingredients to craft our chocolate. Through direct relationships with their growers, Taza sources the highest quality ingredients while ensuring fair wages and work practices on the farm.

Key SBLP Initiatives: 

Research LED lighting for installation in new space

Research and create plan to implement energy star appliances as needed (in new space)

Create plan for low-flow faucets and spray nozzles in new kitchen

Consider move towards “zero” waste (plastic bags to city recycling drop-off)

Create Green Team, representing different aspects of sustainability management (i.e. green purchasing, recycling, maintenance checks…)

email: sblp@sbnmass.org    |    phone: (617) 395-0250

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