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The store was founded by Mr. O.C. White selling paint and art supplies. Later the business was sold to Charles C. Lowell (C.C. Lowell, get it!) , an employee of Mr. White. In the early 1900's, it moved to Pearl St.(when the business actually sold gasoline for the new invention called the automobile!). In 1957 the business moved to Mechanic St until 1973. In addition to retail sales, C.C. Lowell had a large wholesale paint business in central Massachusetts, northern Connecticut, and southern New Hampshire. Today, C.C. Lowell is located at 258 Park Ave, still in Worcester, and moved here in 1995. While we do not sell gasoline anymore, we still have thousands of necessities for the creative person as well as the experienced artist.  Childrens art materials, printmaking supplies, fabric paints and dyes, clay, gift sets, as well as the staple art supplies like paint, brushes, drawing materials and so on!  Something for everyone, so come on in!

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