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Cambridge Common is a comfy, welcoming neighborhood restaurant offering our celebrated comfort food, huge portions, cheap prices, and a full bar with 30 beers on tap (well, 31 when the Cask is on), 16 of which rotate like nobody's business, always one organic brew, a kick-ass bottle or two, and a sizzlin' burger for only $4.95.  Often the first spot in New England to introduce the latest and greatest microbrews, Cambridge Common has been referred to by the Alstrom Bros (a.k.a. the Beer Advocates) as “our allies in the war on crap beer.”  Our large bar, inviting wooden booths, and warm lighting, combined with our uber-friendly staff, have made us a local hotspot and cozy hangout.

Key SBLP Initiatives: 

Won the Cambridge GoGreen award for Waste Reduction by working with Save That Stuff for composting & recycling

Insulate hot water supply pipes and set water temperature to 120°F where applicable

Replace old exit signs with LEDs

Biodegradable-compostable takeout containers

Recycling of used grease and used fry oil

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