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Ace Creative is a full-service graphic design firm that transforms ideas and information from the world’s leading educational institutions and nonprofits into targeted designs that get noticed. They conceptualize, design, manage, and produce brand identity systems, print design, interactive design, and publications. They also work with some of the area’s most progressive nonprofits and community organizations (at discounted rates) to create or further their message, giving them the recognition and impact they need to advance their missions.

Key SBLP Initiatives: 

Create a Green Team to implement the Sustainability Action Plan, plan events, and bring new sustainability ideas to the table at the regular staff meetings.

Incorporate sustainability into the mission statement and vision for the future.

Start a workplace CSA program with ReVision Urban Farm to connect employees to local, sustainable, and healthy food options.

Switch to a local and privately owned office supply vendor to support the local economy and reduce carbon emissions.

Switch to green hand and dish soaps as well as replace old lights with LEDs.

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