1369 Coffee House - Central Square

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SBLP Certified

In June 1994 we opened a second store in nearby Central Square. From the beginning, we envisioned 1369 as more than just a place to get coffee. We offer the very best coffees and teas available. We strive to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere and to be an integral part of the community. We take pride in being a good neighbor and local gathering place. We are dedicated to maintaining this feeling.

Key SBLP Initiatives: 

NSTAR energy audit

Install hand driers in bathrooms and research automatic sinks

Proper disposal of broken CFLs and other toxic items

Composting and paper recycling bin behind counter

Create environmental committee to work on developing and implementing initiatives

email: sblp@sbnmass.org    |    phone: (617) 395-0250

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