128 Business Council

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SBLP Certified

128 Business Council is your one-stop resource for alternative transportation and pro-sustainability solutions for the 128 West region. We help members and the community take advantage of options that help them:

  • Save money on transportation expenses
  • Utilize a wider assortment of commuting options
  • Reduce air pollution and carbon footprints
  • Increase the efficiency of buildings
  • Learn ways to create a more sustainable community
  • Contribute to the overall greening of the Commonwealth

Our shuttles connect major employers, institutions and communities to public transit (MBTA stations), making commuting more effective and reducing Route 128 West and related roadway congestion. This enhances our region’s economic vitality, attractiveness and the overall experience of those traveling throughout the area.

email: sblp@sbnmass.org    |    phone: (617) 395-0250

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