Member Spotlight: Sean McCaffrey, Manager at Blue Glass Café

The Blue Glass Café is located in the lobby of the John Hancock Tower and invites diners to join them on their mission to provide delicious food in a sustainable way. Check them out at


Why did you join SBN?

“It meant a lot to us as a company because SBN’s mission matched up closely with our company’s value and culture,” McCaffrey said. He emphasized the “sustainable core” of what Blue Glass Café tries to achieve. “It made sense for us to partner with a network that helped to raise awareness for values we find important,” McCaffrey said.  

Why do you feel sustainability is important?

“It’s our duty and mandate as business leaders to leave a legacy that is sustainable, for future generations.” McCaffrey said that with business owners and operators putting this philosophy into perspective, daily and long-term goals are more achievable. 

What does your business do to contribute to the green economy and what is your biggest challenge in doing so?

“Our company purchases a fair amount of our product as locally as possible—this is very important to us,” McCaffrey said. By doing this the Blue Glass Café can “diminish the amount of transport needed for staple products, which limits our impact on the environment as much as possible.  It’s one way we can help preserve local jobs, and support wonderful local artisans whether they produce meat, produce, or dairy.”

McCaffrey said that the Blue Glass Café makes a conscious effort to purchase their food from services that not only talk about their commitment to being local and sustainable but show it in their business practices. They also work locally with companies that understand and coincide with their philosophy.  He says his biggest challenge in attempting to achieve those goals “is the education of staff and customers. Though the café as a whole has come a long way in the last five years, there was a lot of work in the beginning educating our customers,” spending time explaining where we come from and how that affects not only their food, but how it is presented to them.

“Letting consumers know the Blue Glass Café is environmentally conscious and aware” is easier than explaining an increased cost in dishware and locally obtained food. To offset this, they work hard to purchase in bulk and dried forms, which not only brings down the price for the customer but reduces the amount of energy needed to transport the food as well.  Luckily with partners like SBN awareness is growing and the future seems bright indeed. 

Special thanks to Blue Glass Café for participating at the Boston Local Food Festival on Sunday, October 7th

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