Green tip for your home or business: Install a Green Wall!

Plants can go a long way towards brightening an indoor or outdoor space and creating a pleasant environment.  What better way to fit plants into urban centers than by using vertical gardens, i.e. “green walls?”

Green walls (also called “living walls”) can be attached to either the exterior or interior of a building. The plants root in a structural support which is fastened to the wall itself, and they receive water and nutrients from within the vertical support instead of from the ground.

They can be as fancy as this high-tech green wall at Longwood Gardens, which contains ~47,000 plants that are embedded in a non-soil growth medium, and they can also be as simple as installing some hanging wall vases. This blog post from Seasonal Wisdom lists some easy DIY green walls so you can surround yourself with the calming presence of a garden all year round!

What are the benefits of green walls? Where to start!

First, they are aesthetically pleasing and have a calming effect. Also, green walls are a great way to create privacy and a sense of enclosure without unnatural-looking fences and walls.

Outdoor green walls help with the urban heat island effect due to the natural cooling processes of plants, mainly transpiration.

They also ameliorate both indoor and outdoor air quality by trapping particulate matter and filtering out gases. Indirectly, they reduce heating/cooling costs by providing thermal insulation, thereby reducing the amount of air pollution released.

In addition, green walls increase biodiversity in urban areas, which means they can help sustain a variety of plants, pollinators and invertebrates, and provide habitat and nesting places for various bird species!

Green walls have also been used for noise reduction and urban agriculture.

The benefits are endless, and let's face it, green walls look and feel great! What better way to green your business or home?

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