Implementing a Deep Green Tenant Program

In his article below, Peter Crawley describes the benefits of green tenant programs like the six-step Sustainable Business Leader Program - see for more details.


by Anthony Michetti, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston

With so many different products (i.e. cups, bottles) out there claiming to be biodegradable, it can be difficult to decide which would actually be the best for our environment and which to ultimately choose for purchase.

Exceeding LEED: The Next Generation of Green Building

by Natasha Gayl, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston

There’s a new LEED in town and it’s creating a lot of nationwide buzz!  The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is a non-governmental organization committed to catalyzing a global transformation toward true sustainability.


Lessons Learned From the West Coast

by Scott Wood, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston

Last week, the SBLP team travelled to Bellingham, WA to participate in the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) annual conference, “Place Matters”.

Photos from BALLE

The Long Green Walk

by Chuck Lewin, New Generation Energy

For many businesses, going green is mainly about, well, the other green: Saving money by lowering energy bills. And make no mistake about it,  this is a very worthy pursuit. Many energy and water saving projects have paybacks of a few years, if not a year.

The Benefits of Composting Your Food Waste

by Ian Lavery, Independent Consultant

These days many businesses are considering options to reduce their carbon footprint.  Certainly one of the most popular is energy efficiency.  Another option to consider is composting.  By removing food waste from your waste stream you can reduce the amount of material that ends up in the landfill and produces methane gas, a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Tips for Green Design & Printing

by Todd Truesdale, Recycled Paper Printing, Inc.

Twenty nine years ago, when we founded the country’s first printing company focused on creating and implementing environmentally responsible printing practices, being green was not easy!  We literally had to beg mills to make papers with recycled fibers, help write procurement guidelines establishing government preferences for recycled papers, and even show some of the oldest, most-respected environmental groups in America that it really didn’t make sense for them to encourage recycling and environmental stewardship while using non-recycled papers.

Fortunately, a lot has changed for the better.

A New Kind of Sustainability Workshop

by the Cambridge Energy Alliance team

On May 23rd the Sustainable Business Leader Program, Cambridge Local First, and the Cambridge Energy Alliance hosted a new kind of business sustainability workshop:  a business-to-business conversation featuring the Cambridge Brewing Company, a handful of business-centered sustainability services, and a score of small business representatives curious about their own green options.

Let's Talk Tourism!

by Alison Hillegeist, Sustainability Consultant

Tourism is recognized by the United Nations as the 4th largest industry in the world. As such, the industry’s global footprint threatens ecosystems and cultures worldwide and contributes to ever-growing carbon emissions. But it doesn't have to.

Green Roofs, Existing Structures, and Government Support

by Dustin Brackney, Apex Green Roofs

Green roofs are increasingly finding their way into the public discourse and on roofs here in New England. The industry has grown from a spattering of green roofs a few years ago to well over a hundred now.  Cities and towns are beginning to see how green roofs can help mitigate overtaxed storm water systems; universities are seeing the long term financial benefits and they are a must have for their “green” credentials; and environmentally conscience home owners are experiencing the beauty they can bring to once ignored spaces.
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